About Us

The word Baladi is an arabic origin word which means native, natural, original, fresh and authentic. Since 1875, we have followed our ancestors footsteps and continued our journey by expanding our reach out of Lebanon to the vibrant multicultural city Dubai to “Meat your needs”.

Baladi Butchery is a community shop & “The Place to Meat” encouraging healthy cooking, and providing to such while considering the fast-paced lifestyle that many families live.


Veal Entrecote

Making delicious steak or any other recipe we provide best veal entrecote meat.

Beef Tenderloin

Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Rub we provide it broadway.

Beef ribs

We provide beef ribs on our own farms. If it is difficult due to hard demand.

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Baladi Butchery

Feel free to contact us through the following addresses or to visit our shop.

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